RETIREMENT COUNTDOWN: 50 weeks, 50 songs



 Week 50 - "Just a song before I go" (by Crosby, Stills & Nash)  



 Week 49 - "Leaving the monsters behind" (by The Jayhawks)


 Week 48 - "I just want to be free" (by Champion Jack Dupree)



 Week 47 - "Arbeiter der Liebe" (by Christian Steiffen)


 Week 46 - "Better be home soon" (by Crowded House)



 Week 45 - "Our old age pension check" (by Sons of the Pioneers)  


 Week 44 - "Nie mehr Schule" (by Falco



 Week 43 - "Everything I do gonna be funky (from now on)"
 Madeleine Peyroux



 300 days to go - bonus song: "My paradise" (by The Outfield



 Week 42 - "Keine Schule morgen" (by Gitte



 Week 41 - "Dyin' to get home" (by John Doe



 Week 40 - "Stagl ma d Schui" (by Ernst Molden & Co.)



 Week 39 - "I'm going home" (by Ten Years After)



 Week 38 - "Zeit lassn" (by Mueller & Co.)



 Week 37 - "Wann i nimmer meng dad" (by Gerhard Polt)



 Week 36 - "Na na hey hey kiss him goodbye" (by Steam)



 250 days to go - bonus song: "Halt die Klappe, ich hab' Feierabend"


 Week 35 - "I will be happy and hopefully you will be too" (by Stu Larsen)



 Week 34 - "Just stay in bed" (by Nick Moss & The Flip Tops)



 Week 33 - "No school today" (by Danny Weinkauf)



 Week 32 - "Free man now" (by Southern Bitch)



 222 days to go (Schnapszahl!) - bonus song: "Ich sprenge alle Ketten"
 Ricky Shayne)



 Week 31 - "Retirement" (by Kaiser Chiefs)



 Week 30 - "Lassts mi hoam" (by Martina Schwarzmann)



 Week 29 - "Stairway to heaven" (by Led Zeppelin)



 200 days to go - bonus song: "Why get up"
 The Fabulous Thunderbirds



 Week 28 - "Follow me home" (by Dire Straits)



 Week 27 - "Wenn nicht jetzt, wann dann?" (by Höhner)



 Week 26 - "No more bad days" (by This Wild Life)



 Week 25 - "Jailhouse Rock" (by Elvis Presley)



 Week 24 - "Quittin' time" (by Mary Chapin Carpenter)



 Week 23 - "Auf der faulen Haut" (by Montreal)